Thursday, July 1, 2010

Travis Oliphant announces...

(reposted from the Enthought blog)
Travis announces project to extend NumPy/SciPy to .Net(photo: Paul Ivanov)
Travis Oliphant, President of Enthought, Inc., kicked off today's SciPy 2010 Day 2 with a great keynote talk. He told the story of his own path to Python, filling his slides with the faces and work of other developers, scientists, and mathematicians — inspiration, teachers, and collaborators. He explained how his academic trajectory, from electrical engineering, through a brief affair with neuroscience, to a biomedical engineering PhD, both drove and competed with his work creating NumPy.
Last, but not least, Travis closed his talk with rather large announcement: Enthought has undertaken the extension of NumPy and SciPy to the .NET framework. For details on the project refer to the official release.

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