Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tutorials Day 1 Cont'd #2: HPC with Python

Brian Granger answers questions at the end of an excellent 4 hour tutorial yesterday on doing parallel computing in Python. Brian started by covering the painful but often overlooked realities of Amdahl’s Law - namely the fact that the maximum speedup is bounded by the fraction of parallel code (see the figure, taken from the tutorial with permission).

After that, attendees were taken on a whirlwind tour through the lands of Cython, Threading and Multiprocessing modules of the python standard library (with the requisite discussion of the GIL), interactive parallel usage of IPython using ipcluster, PiCloud's cloud package, with brief overviews of Mpi4Py, and PyZMQ, the python wrappers for ØMQ (Brian pointed to this blog post by Nicholas Peil for more on ØMQ)


  1. Are there any examples from the conference?

  2. Have a look at the conference website: